pgn4web board generator

automatically generated HTML code for your web page or blog
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configuration options



pgn4web board generator custom template link add link into the browser bookmarks, saving current board settings

autoplay first game once, or loop continiously, or autoplay none

a number; applies only at the first game load; when blank, defaults to the main variation

start, end, random and comment settings apply at every game load, custom number only at the first load

actual halfmove number when the setting above is custom number
a number; must be larger than the piece size plus the highlight border if any

default selects piece size based on square size

default selects piece font based on piece size

a color; transparent disables the shadow, border copies the board border color

browser's standard buttons, or custom colors below, or hidden buttons

a number; header/moves margin, nice to have when text overflows with scrollbars

a number

select a game moves display option or use the one click optimized puzzle setup

a number

a color; background copies the background color

inline inbetween game moves, or on a newline , or hidden

a number; moves copies the moves font size

a number; comments copies the comments font size

a number; comments copies the comments font color

a number; border padding around the iframe, included within the iFrame width value

a color; transparent uses the parent's background color

not actually used in the HTML code, just for the preview

normally disabled; use only for deployment on a page from the same domain as the board URL

normally enabled

normally as default unless use HTML textarea is enabled or for deployment on a page from a different domain