pgn4web live broadcast: flash replacement

What about replacing with a broadly supported technology a well known live chess broadcast client based on the adobe flash technology and therefore not supported by mobile devices such as android phones and tablets, the iphone and the ipad? This page shows equivalent functionality based on HTML5 (javascript + css) that works on mobile devices as well.

basic example

This replicates the flash based client layout and functionality:

advanced example

This shows additional functionality of the pgn4web viewer, including customized colors, customized chess pieces and integrated user/engine analysis board:

more examples

Please find below links to few more live chess broadcast examples showing the multiple options available from pgn4web:

end user hints for the client user interface

webmaster hints to setup a live games broadcast

The following instructions refer to the basic example; the advanced example including the integrated user/engine analysis board is relatively more complex, please contact the pgn4web project for detailed instructions based on specific requirements.